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[By a Player]

For several weeks past a contest has been going on between 14 players from Woodville School of Arts, and a similar number chosen from the members of Largs School of Arts. From the time of commencing battle one evening each week was devoted to the contest, the members meeting alternately at Largs and Woodville.

On Saturday evening last the affair was wound up in a most pleasant way. At about half-past six the Largs players, headed by the Largs-Woodville brass band, started from Largs for Wooville, and soon the whole were at the hall of the Woodville School of Arts, where several friendly games at draughts were indulged in, while the band discoursed most charmingly.

At about 8.30 the draughts players, the members of the band, and a number of friends, numbering in all forty-two, adjourned to the residence of Mr. P. Pomfrett to a substantial spread. Mr. H. O'Neill, captain of the Woodville (the winning) team, occupied the position of chairman, and Mr. McGregor,president of the Largs School of Arts, the vice-chair.

Ample justice having been done to the good things provided, Mr. H. O'Neill addressed the company. It gave him much pleasure in looking over the gathering that evening not only to see the large number interested in the contest present, but to think of the good feeling that had characterised the whole of the contest: not one word of ill-feeling had be heard at any of the meetings. (Cheers.)

Mr. W. Allan was pleased to be present, although a defeated player. He was pleased with the large attendance, and was pleased with the excellent spread and these social gatherings.

Mr. Munday, in rising, said he had not a great deal to say. The weather had kindly permitted them to bring to a close the contest. He hoped the good results referred to by the previous speakers would be the outcome of these social gatherings.

Mr. A. McGregor said he had very much enjoyed the tournament throughout, also the social gathering. He would be better pleased if Largs men had the victory. (Laughter.)

He felt it unpleasant to suffer a defeat.

Mr, J. J. Pearse in a few well-chosen remarks also addressed the meeting.

Mr. J. McKenzie was pleased to see both sides enjoying themselves that evening. They were as one in the social gathering.

Mr. Geo. Sexton said he would like to say a good deal, but time would not permit. He was sorry their side had not been encouraged by a trophy. He commended Mr. Allan for his spirit in encouraging the game by offering a trophy.

Mr. W. A. Unicomb spoke in eulogistic terms of the able manner in which Mrs. Pomfrett had prepared the spread. Before separating he desired to move that a hearty vote of thanks be con-veyed to that lady, also to the committee who had been empowered to make the arrangements for the social winding up of the tournament. The motion was seconded and supported by Messrs. Allan and McKenzie respectively, and carried unanimously.

Mr. H. O'Neill responded on behalf Mrs. Pomfrett, and Mr. Pearse responded as one of the committee.

Mr. W. A. Unicomb then proposed a vote of thanks to the Band for their presence and willingness to add to the pleasure of the evening. He spoke in high terms of their attainments, and the pleasure of being present that evening with them. Seconded by Mr. Allan. Messrs. A. McGregor and H.O'Neill supported. The motion was carried unanimously. Mr. Miller (captain) responded, and then all left for their quarters, and thus ended a very pleasant draughts tournament.

Daring the evening Mr. W. Allan, donor of the trophy referred to above -which was a very neatly finished silver mounted biscuit barrel - presented it to the winner, Mr. J.Wilks. Mr. Wilks spoke at some length upon the contest, and assured the donor he would ever prize the gift, and keep it in remembrance of the very pleasant contest and social gathering that evening.


Draughts Tournament.

The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Thursday 7 August 1884.